Thesaurus Term/Concept: STRUCTURE

Identifier 70420
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A construction of unknown function, either extant or implied by archaeological evidence. If known, use more specific type.

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Context Record
Monument Type MCC4921 79 Hythe Hill (Building)
Monument Type MCC5655 Archaeological Evaluation at Central Clinic, High Street, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC8744 Colchester Institute Playing Fields (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5388 East Mill, East Street, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC8664 Kirkee McMunn Barracks (Monument)
Monument Type MCC10201 Late Bronze Age features, Former Garrison Area J North (former Royal Artillery Barracks), Colchester Garrison (Element Group)
Monument Type MCC5630 Mersea (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5503 Mersea Channel (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5622 Mersea Channel (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5638 Mersea Channel (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5640 Mersea Channel (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5650 Mersea Channel (Monument)
Monument Type MCC10059 Roman ?plinth, Silvanus Close, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC2979 Roman ditched enclosure, with structure (Monument)
Monument Type MCC79 Roman turf bank, East Stockwell Street, Colchester (Element)
Monument Type MCC5229 Royal Grammar School, 6 Lexden Road, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC10084 Three late Iron Age to early Roman stock enclosures, former Meeanee & Hyderabad Barracks (Site F), Colchester (Element)