Thesaurus Term/Concept: GRAVESTONE

Identifier 70083
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A stone placed over or at the head or foot of a grave, or at the entrance of a tomb.

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Context Record
Monument Type MCC7375 Church of St Nicholas, Great and Little Wigborough (Monument)
Monument Type MCC8344 Colchester - Oxford Road - Essex Hospital (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7936 Colchester - St Mary's Hospital (Monument)
Monument Type MCC8426 Colchester - the Union Cemetery (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5071 Obelisk, Colchester Cemetery (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7331 St Andrews church, Abberton (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5283 St Botolph's Priory (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7984 St Gile's Church, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7559 St Marys Church, West Bergholt (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7370 St Stephen's Church, Great Wigborough (Monument)
Monument Type MCC8349 Tombstone of Longinus, Beverley Road, Colchester (Monument)