Thesaurus Term/Concept: WINDMILL

Identifier 69333
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A tower-like structure of wood or brick with a wooden cap and sails which are driven around by the wind producing power to work the internal machinery. Use with product type where known.

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Context Record
Monument Type MCC7969 Colchester - Butt Road (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5687 Demolished Windmill site (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5692 Doe's Mill (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7014 East of Smythers Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7674 East of St John's Abbey scheduled area (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7170 Hall Farm (Middle Field) (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7680 Mile End Mill (west) (Monument)
Monument Type MCC8999 Near 'Scarletts' The Hythe (Monument)
Monument Type MCC8960 Near Wivenhoe (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5691 Newman's Mill (Monument)
Monument Type MCC9001 North of Ballast Quay Farm, Wivenhoe (Monument)
Monument Type MCC2277 Post medieval windmill, Mersea Road, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC2280 Post medieval windmill (site of), Butt Road, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC2281 Post medieval windmill, Harwich Road, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC2278 Post medieval windmill, Military Road, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC2279 Post medieval windmill, south end of Golden Noble Hill, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC2285 Post medieval windmill, 'The Oaks', Lexden Road, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC2286 Post medieval windmill, 'The Second Mill', Lexden Road, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC2283 Scarlett's Mill, north west of Distillery Pond, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7683 Severalls Hospital (Monument)
Monument Type MCC9002 South of 'Colchester Town Railway Staion (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7725 South of Heckfordbridge, Birch (Monument)
Monument Type MCC8798 Strode Mill (Monument)
Monument Type MCC2284 The Distillery Mill, Windmill north of Hilltop Close, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC9000 The Distillery Windmill, North of Whitehall Road, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7338 Toyce's Mil, demolished windmill in Birch Green (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5248 Windmill (demolished) known as the Post mill (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5716 Windmill (site of), North Station Road, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC6991 Windmill Hill (Building)
Monument Type MCC6992 Windmill Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5689 Windmill Site at Ferry Road, Fingringhoe (Monument)
Monument Type MCC8993 Windmill, Golden Noble Hill, West of Wisleys Almshouses (Monument)