Thesaurus Term/Concept: BARN

Identifier 68547
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A building for the storage and processing of grain crops and for housing straw, farm equipment and occasionally livestock and their fodder. Use more specific type where known.

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Context Record
Monument Type MCC3843 Barn fronting road at Boarded Barn Farm, Boarded Barn Road, Copford (Building)
Monument Type MCC4056 Barn NE of Holts Farmhouse, Holt Road, Little Horkesley (Building)
Monument Type MCC4247 Barn to NE of East Gores Farmhouse, Salmons Lane, Great Tey (Building)
Monument Type MCC4686 Barn to NE of Wivenhoe Lodge, Colchester Road, Wivenhoe (Building)
Monument Type MCC4405 Barn to NW of Marks Tey Hall, Hall Chase, Marks Tey (Building)
Monument Type MCC4168 Barn to NW of Woodlands, The Causeway, Great Horkesley (Building)
Monument Type MCC3833 Barn to S of Brook Hall, Swan Street, Chappel (Building)
Monument Type MCC4331 Barn, Cowhouse and auxillary buildings immediately W of Hill Farmhouse, Field Farm Lane, Layer-de-la-Haye (Building)
Monument Type MCC4473 Barn, Jankes Green, Mount Bures (Building)
Monument Type MCC472 Church of the Crouched or Crutched Friars, Crouch Street, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC10244 Farm buildings, Shemmings Farm, Hardys Green, Birch (Building)
Monument Type MCC7143 Garnons (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7410 Hill Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MCC661 Late medieval to post-medieval property (CAT Building 179), Site A Osborne Street, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7319 Layer Marney Tower (Monument)
Monument Type MCC4362 Layer Marney Tower, Wick Road, Layer Marney (Building)
Monument Type MCC2344 Lexden Manor, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC3802 Lower Farm Barn, Boxted (Building)
Monument Type MCC7534 Marks Tey Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7535 Marks Tey Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7402 Peldon Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MCC6930 Vicinity of West Mersea (Building)
Monument Type MCC8093 West Mersea-High Street-Hall Barn (Monument)
Monument Type MCC7145 Wood Hall (Monument)