Thesaurus Term/Concept: SURVEY

Identifier 145131
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note The non intrusive processes by which information is collected about the location, distribution and organisation of past human activities. The approaches can be either extensive or intensive depending the objectivies that need to be addressed.

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Context Record
Event Type ECC2660 Desk-based assessment of land around Grey Friars (Adult Community College), High Street, Colchester, 2006 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2506 Field Walking Gosbecks Farm Stage 2, Colchester, 1994 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC1820 Fieldwalking at Lexden Lodge Farm, Colchester, 1982 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2438 Fieldwalking of The Boat Field, High Woods, Colchester, 2000 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC1914 Recording of erosion at Bluebottle Grove, Colchester, 1998 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2121 Soil Survey at 151-155 Shrub End Road, Colchester, 1977 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2138 Soil Survey at Plum Hall, Berechurch Road, Colchester, 1984 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2140 Soil Survey on land east of Ipswich Road, Colchester, 1985 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2817 Survey at Castle Court (76-78 Northgate Street), Colchester, 1989 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2816 Survey of town wall at Claudius Court, Colchester, 2000 (Event - Survey)