Thesaurus Term/Concept: PHOTOGRAPHIC SURVEY

Identifier 145154
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Detailed survey using photographic images to record archaeological and architectural sites or features of interest. Record photography is an important aspect of recording such features before they are destroyed.

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Context Record
Event Type ECC2574 A record of part of the precinct wall of St John's Abbey, Colchester, 2002 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2860 A survey of gravestones at St Mary the Virgin Church, High Street, Dedham (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC3464 Cob Cottage (Field Survey)
Event Type ECC4111 Heritage Statement for farm buildings, Godbolts Farm, Marks Tey, 2012 (Field Survey)
Event Type ECC4104 Historic building recording of 2 Pondfield Cottages, Tiptree, 2017 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2347 Photograph of St Anne's Holy Well, Harwich Road, Colchester, 1897 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC4028 Photographic survey of Butt Road Water Tower, Colchester, 2017 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC4107 Photographic survey of Church Hall Farm, Wormingford, 2017 (Field Survey)
Event Type ECC50 Photographic survey of The Hythe Maltings, Colchester, 1976 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC49 Photographs of Nos 68-70 Hythe Hill, Colchester (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC1074 Photographs of town wall, Vineyard Street, Colchester, 1978 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC47 Photos of demolition of Nos 91 & 92 Hythe Hill, Colchester, 1967 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC1819 Precinct Wall of St John's Abbey demolished, Colchester, 1972 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2100 Survey of 2 West Stockwell Street / 134 High Street, Colchester, 1977 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC3446 Tyler, S (Field Survey)
Event Type ECC3454 Wallis, S (Field Survey)