Thesaurus Term/Concept: AIR RAID SHELTER

Identifier 68810
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A fortified structure used to protect civilians and military personnel from enemy bombing.

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Context Record
Monument Type MCC10107 Air-raid shelter, 83 Mersea Road, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC10106 Air-raid shelter, Abbey House, St John's Green, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5470 Colchester Garrison Project, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC9163 Medieval remains at Grey Friars, High Street, Colchester (Element Group)
Monument Type MCC9279 WWII air raid shelter at Birch Church of England Primary School, Birch (Building)
Monument Type MCC5376 WWII Air Raid Shelter, 27 Roman Road, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC9283 WWII air-raid shelter at 31 Creffield Road, Colchester (Building)
Monument Type MCC10096 WWII Air-raid shelter, High Trees, St Clare Road, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5373 WWII Military Air Raid Shelter, Napier Road, Colchester Garrison (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5371 WWII Six Military Air Raid Shelters, Colchester Garrison, Colchester (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5372 WWII Two Military Air Raid Shelters, Napier Road, Colchester Garrison (Monument)
Monument Type MCC5374 WWII Underground "Bunker", Cistern Yard, Colchester (Monument)