Thesaurus Term/Concept: FARMHOUSE

Identifier 68560
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note The main dwelling-house of a farm, it can be either detached from or attached to the working buildings.

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Context Record
Monument Type MCC4129 Archendines Farmhouse, Chappel Road, Fordham (Building)
Monument Type MCC9292 Battleswick Farm, Rowhedge (Monument)
Monument Type MCC3334 Gosbecks Farmhouse, Gosbecks Road, Colchester (Building)
Monument Type MCC4051 Jaggers Farmhouse, South Green Road, Fingringhoe (Building)
Monument Type MCC3627 Lexden Lodge Farmhouse, Spring Lane, Lexden Colchester (Building)
Monument Type MCC4611 Oaks Farmhouse, Wakes Colne (Building)
Monument Type MCC3331 Salarybrook Farmhouse, Elmstead Road, Colchester (Building)
Monument Type MCC4375 The Priory, School Road, Little Horkesley (Building)
Monument Type MCC3126 Tubbeswick, Mill Road, Mile End, Colchester (Building)