Thesaurus Term/Concept: AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY

Identifier 145107
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note The taking of photographs from above using photographic equipment mounted on, or used from an aircraft or other airborne vehicle.

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Context Record
Event Type ECC2101 Aerial Photographic Survey of Colchester, 1979 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2102 Aerial photographs of Colchester, 1974 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2105 AP survey of Colchester by RAF, 1946 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2104 AP survey of Colchester by RAF, 1953 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2113 AP survey of Colchester, 1945 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2111 AP survey of Colchester, 1948 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2109 AP Survey of Colchester, 1948 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2106 AP survey of Colchester, 1949 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2112 AP survey of Colchester, 1953 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2108 AP survey of Colchester, 1959 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2107 AP survey of Colchester, 1975 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2110 AP survey of Colchester, 1978 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2103 AP survey of Colchester, 1986 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2137 CAT synthesis of AP evidence for Colchester, 1995 (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type ECC2344 Cropmarks recorded south of Harwich Road, Colchester (Event - Survey)
Event Type ECC2114 National Mapping Programme, 1997 (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type ECC2343 Possible cropmark of Roman Villa, Colchester, 1950 (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type ECC2122 Rectified plot of Civil War Fort, Colchester, 1997 (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type ECC2345 Ring Ditch, Recreation Ground, Colchester, 1974 (Event - Interpretation)